Debt recovery

Debt recovery

Our company will guide and help in recovering legally the civil and commercial debt. From the point of view of recovery procedures, there are two stages:

The initial stage in which the debtor will be contacted for the notification of the receivables, the consequences of the unpaid term, and enforcement proceedings will be initiated if there are enforceable titles. At this stage, our clients will receive all the data about their debtors and their solvency.
The second stage in which actions in court will be promoted to obtain enforceable titles and / or actual recovery actions through forced execution procedures.

The fee for these procedures is set according to their complexity, the volume of work done by our employees and the estimated time of recovery of the claims. The fee will be settled during the procedures, the basic rule being the taxation of a minimum amount, the remaining of the fee is to be paid from the amounts recovered.

The Debt Recovery Service mainly deals with the following areas:
Non-repayable term loans;
The payment of salary not paid by the employer within the time limit set between the parties;
Amounts of money owed on the basis of rental contracts
Amounts of money due to a supply of services
Amounts of money outstanding as a result of translating legal acts
Sale and purchase contracts
Amounts representing actual damage to natural person as buyers
Amounts owed as a result of brokerage and commission services

At the same time, our company, if there is evidence of a violation of the law, notifies on behalf of its clients the state bodies for the prevention and / or sanction of those responsible for non-observance of the legal provisions regarding the authorizations or the specific conditions for carrying out the activities.

Debt claims activity, being a primarily legal activity, is carried out by experienced lawyers, knowledgeable lawyers, lawyers who offer prompt and effective solutions to any problem.
The manner of employment of lawyers is done through a legal assistance contract on stages of work, so that the advanced amounts of the clients are minimal and in relation to their chances in the actual recovery of the debts.

Services offered within the debt claim department:
Legal advice on how to recover debts; flow analysis, assessment of recovery chances, choice of recovery strategy, evaluation of recovery costs;
Legal assistance and representation before courts in common or special law actions for the recovery of debts in various legal fields (banking, telecommunications, privatization, infrastructure);
Drafting of all documents necessary for the court actions, participation in the administration of judicial and extrajudicial expertise necessary for the recovery of debts;
Negotiation and trading services in debt recovery procedures, representation of clients in direct conciliation procedures;
Deployment of recovery projects of a high volume of debts;