Community Law

Drept comunitar

Legal advice, assistance and representation for foreign citizens:

Assistance on obtaining a Business Visa;

Assistance on obtaining a Study Visa;

Assistance on obtaining a work Visa; 

Initial analysis and evaluation of documentation, and training of potential immigrants to determine which type of visa is the most suitable;

Analysis of the needs of immigration of the family members of foreigners employed on the territory of Romania;

Preparing all necessary legal documents, including forms and letters ready to be signed by the client;

Preparation of visa documents for approval and issuance of visas;

Submission of requests to extend your stay in due time;

Assistance in obtaining permanent residence and / or citizenship;

Consultancy and assistance on the issue of the work visa;

Preparing employees for interviews with officials of the Romanian Immigration Office, government agencies and other relevant institutions involved;

Consultancy on planned trips outside Romania;

Extension of the right of residence;

Establishing a domicile in Romania;

Challenging return decisions and unfavorable notifications issued by competent authorities;

Gaining and regaining Romanian citizenship.