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The lawyer offices of Georgescu Adrian si Radu Alexandru, function within the UNBR, the Bar of Arges, according to LG 51/1995 and to the status of the lawyer profession.
We are a team of upstanding people, with extraordinary skills, analytic wit and a great desire to understand and serve the interests of our clients the best we can.
The work carried out over time has meant the successful coverage of a vast area of legal services.
Thanks to the principles behind the team structure: professionalism, involvement, flexibility, we quickly imposed ourselves as a balanced and performance team.
What defines us as a team is the perseverance that we prove to achieve the results desired by the client, but above all, maintaining the high standards of service provided.
Our office has been set up to respond to the legal aspects in an occidental manner, characterized by professional competence at international standards, in order to meet the legal and practical aspects that can result from the current commercial activities of our clients, responding with promptness, efficiency, and confidentiality.

The office offers the specific services of the profession of lawyer, bringing a new vision of how to provide them by creating a client-lawyer relationship based on mutual trust, confidentiality and realism, thus being closest to the needs and demands of each client, preventing the emergence of legal issues, providing optimal solutions to resolve emerging disputes, and leading them on the path to success.
The service range opens with classical legal advice through which our team of specialists responds to clients' requests not only to the issue brought to their attention but also through the legal advice offered, they anticipate possible related problems, thus ensuring absolute prevention and a climate favorable for the development of clients.
Therefore, with a solid foundation, prompt and accurate legal advice, our services continue to be complemented by writing the necessary documents according to the client's activity, from the internal documents necessary for the business good functioning, the drafting of complex contracts, involving extraneity element, or drafting of court actions for the resolution of disputes, and even representing our clients in front of the state institutions or in the commercial relations with their partners in order to optimize the business uprise undertaken by them.


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Radu Alexandru


‘The wise only possess ideas, the great part of mankind are possessed by ideas’.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


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Georgescu Adrian


‘A character without intelligence can achieve a lot, but intelligence without character is not worth anything.’



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